Getaway Shootout Unblocked

--->Player 1 Controls<---
[W] - jump left
[E] - jump right
[R] - use a power-up

--->Player 2 Controls<---
[I] - jump left
[O] - jump right
[P] - use a power-up

Your mission is to collect weapons and power-ups and survive jumping left and right. You must destroy your opponent to win the match.

Getaway Shootout : Game Description

Getaway Shootout

When I first noticed the game on popular gaming websites, I was impressed by the high rating of the game because the graphics seem not to be best one. But when I started playing it, I understood why Getaway Shootout is one of the best two player games and why thousands of people play it every day. Let me explain the basic features of the game - according to the plot, there are 4 players in each round and all of them have a single mission - reach the finish line. The finish line is different all the time, sometimes it is ia helicopter waiting for you in the end of the level, sometimes it is a car but that really does not matter. The player has to act very quickly to overcome the opponents and don't let them win. On your road to the finish you will notice icons with different weapons. If you get them, you will be able to use weapons against your opponents and thats a really good way to stop them. The variety of weapons is not big but you can get knifes,gun,rocket launcher,grenade and some other weapons. In this game you can choose the game mode which is more suitable for you - Single player or 2 Player. In single player mode of Getaway Shootout game you will play against AI players, while the 2 Player Mode gives you opprtunity to play with your friend using the same keyboard. Unfortunately the game has no option to connect players on different devices but I think that the developers will fix it in the new version.

How To Play Getaway Shootout?

Controlling your character is the biggest quest in this game because there is no gameplay which you are familiar with by other online games. Here your character can bounce left or right and make the jump and also use the special skill : weapon. Most people say that the game is pretty difficult and the charater is hard to control but that's the main factor of popularity. People love some new sorts of games and that's why they love playing Getaway Shootout. Keep in mind that you can unlock the new characters in this game if you collect enough points. Play the full version of Getaway Shootout Unblocked at school for free at our website.

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